The B Minor Chord

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In this lesson we are going to learn how to play the chord B Minor.

Like the F chord, the chord Bm will come up often in your guitar playing career and can add a real sense of depth to a song in the key of Em.  This means that if you wanted to improvise or compose a tune to the track below, you will need to use the Em scale or the Em pentatonic scale.
Unlike the F chord though, you won’t need to use a barre for this version of the chord, though there are many other versions using a barre.

The Bm Chord

We then play only the thinnest 4 strings starting on the D string.  In a chord diagram, it looks like this:


The root note is coloured red, indicating it is the note B.


Suggested Chord Fingering


On TAB, it looks like this:

Screen shot 2013-04-02 at 22.33.10

It sounds like this:

[Bm Example].mp3

Try playing the F chord along with the track below.  You’ll also find the chord chart below.

[B Minor.mp3]
[B Minor NO GUITAR.mp3]

[B Minor Chord]


  • As with the BIG EIGHT chords, don’t worry about the rhythm, just strum each chord once at the beginning of the bar to allow yourself time to practice the changes.
  • Aim for clarity and no buzzing.
  • Be patient – it takes a little while to master these chords!

I’ll see you next time – happy playing!


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