Using the G Major Scale – Study Piece

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Last lesson we looked at the G Major Scale and how to play it, so in this lesson we are looking at using the G Major scale in a piece of music by way of a study piece.  If you haven’t completed the last lesson then I strongly suggest you do so before attempting this one.

This track is similar to the one in ‘Slides’, the technique lesson and you will find some similar phrases you might have heard before.  The name for a phrase is called a ‘lick’.
Try to remember these phrases and put some of them together to create your own solo.  You can modify these phrases to fit your own style if you want to – then you’re really getting creative!

A quick reminder of the G Major Scale:


To complete this lesson you will need to download the following:

[Using G Major Scale] TAB

Need help reading the diagram? Read the guide here.

Happy playing!


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