Strings and Restringing

Need to get your guitar restrung?
Guitar re-string service – from $25.00 including strings!
Guitars With Floyd Rose Tremolo System add $10.00

Chromatic Guitar Tuner


Electric guitar strings
Roto Pinks
9 gauge

Electric guitar strings
Roto Yellow
10 gauge
Electric guitar strings
British Steel
9 & 10
Acoustic Guitar Strings
РSulphur Bronze 
10, 11 & 12
Only $30.00
Fitted – $25.00
Fitted – $25.00
Fitted – $28.00
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Fitted – $30.00
I only use and endorse Rotosound strings, which I believe to be the finest on the market.
“How often should I restring my guitar?”
A reasonable time is every 12 weeks based on average practice of 3/4 times a week.
If you play every day, then it will be less – maybe 6/7 weeks. Performers should change them every week – professionals change them nearly every gig!
“Why should I restring?”
Strings corrode with sweat and dirt from the hands and they are constantly under high tension, which over time weakens the string and dulls the sound. Once you have a new set on your guitar, it is like a brand new guitar!
What do I do now?

Call or email me to book in your guitar and we can arrange a drop off time, usually most weekday evenings. Collection time is 1-3 days, unless specified otherwise.

When restringing, I check the action and intonation, which effects playability and tuning. It’s like a basic MOT for your guitar.
More serious work needs to be dealt with by a luthier, whom I can recommend if needs be.